Box file sharing service review

The article will cover the general information about the leading box file sharing service comparing its main functions.

Box cloud storage introduction

Sharing files and folders is a simple task if you gain the right solution. With Box cloud storage you take advantage of safe storing information. Whether it is a business or individual need, you will be satisfied in the accomplishment of both. The software solution is available on multiple operating systems. As for Windows, you achieve superb integration with Find Explorer. Finder integrative features are responsive on macOS. With a standalone feature set, the option is maintaining business approaches with ease. You benefit from quickly sharing the corporation data to be distributed to whoever needs it.

What you should know about the software

The application is considered to be a brilliant collaborative tool for most companies. You will get preferences from the team management features:

  • controlling access to confidential data
  • relevant set of permissions
  • strong administration options
  • visibility in collaboration between the team and the administrator
  • monitor and check the files use

Overall, Box is appreciated to be the perfect option for data management opportunities for different size businesses.

The software interface is easy to run from anywhere. You can achieve any file you need even on mobile devices from any location. The process is speedy with solid performance. You can straightforwardly pull up any changes in certain files. Additional functions are available as well but you can apply them in payment packages. Automatic functions for deleting options can be applied with a certain date which is convenient to use.

As for safety and security, the software solution maintains the high protective measures. Superb encryption and double verification are in great demand for users. Secure comprehensive service is provided with professional-level regulatory tools. The file storage is affordable with its free tier. Keep an eye, that free package includes the limited size of files that you can store. Sophisticated business plans are conducted smoothly with the suggested feature set making it easy to pay per month and use the full assortment of advantages.

Pros and cons

Negotiating with advantages and drawbacks shows the general overview of the software tool. So, you can straightforwardly suggest whether the option is best-suited to your needs and business requirements.

Reasons to use

  • Standalone OS integration
  • High protective measures
  • Quality admin tools
  • Safety of data sharing

Reasons to avoid

  • Expensive for everyday use
  • Consumer tools are limited


The Box applications are good for the business market requirements providing companies with tremendous collaborative issues, storage clouds, unlimited data plans, automatic concepts, and more. As a result, the option is worth pricing for companies’ usage. As for consumers, it is an expensive solution, so you might want to achieve the affordable package with a similar feature set.